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Customer Club

Getting club card FASHION GALLERY GROUP s.r.o.

Every customer who purchase in some store of the company FASHION GALLERY GROUP s.r.o. goods and fill the registration form, is included in the program and gaining a loyal customer card.

After presenting customer card, each value of next purchase, not goods on sale, will be added on customers account.

When the aggregate amount of purchases exceed the amount of CZK 40.000,-, the holder receives discount according to the conditions and rules described in the “Discounts and rules”.

Customer card is nontransferable.

Company FASHION GALLERY GROUP s.r.o. reserve the right to change rules of customer club.

Discounts and rules

Discount is provided to the customer at a level that is directly proportional to the sum of purchases, not goods on sale, in all stores of company FASHION GALLERY GROUP s.r.o. as follows:

For purchases total over 40 000 CZK5%
For purchases total over 70 000 CZK10%
For purchases total over 180 000 CZK15%
For purchases total over 250 000 CZK20%